hi you can call me jet or jackal or JACKAL JONES and i'm a grumpy shut-in witch baby. im nervous and bossy and i have a really annoying laugh so probably find a different new friend. please use neutral pronouns

icon art is by ghouley
hawke/fenris pixel is by fuckin--mages
cuddly animal pixel is by boypart!

and besides the fact that i spend 90% of depressive episodes thinking the same fucking boring ass thoughts over and over, did u know that a lot of ppl especially bipolar spectrum ppl experience delusions of grandeur as an exciting feature of their illness so maYBE “PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! YOURE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PPL” is not the best go-to thign to say to people to make them feel better

so in conclusion lmao man shut up

  1. misscarletwitch said: oy vey. i mean. you’re special to me but that’s bc i love you. also your ghost earrings came which is irrelevant but something u should know.
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